Laser for surgery
Treatments with CO2 laser are characterized by a very successful healing process – there remain often no scars after treatments on the surface. By the wrinkle removal, skin resurfacing and streamlining takes place.

Less pain and fast cure with the C-Las
This carbon dioxide laser is an approved tool for an extremely fine cutting and removal of the histoid. The CO2 laser is securely established in all the specialist disciplines since many years. It is very welcome by many doctors in hospitals as well as in many outpatient clinics thanks to its reliability and versatility.
C-Las is flexible

Fast regeneration
High flexibility – simple in use and more possibilities with the Waveguide system. The output power of up to 25 watt and a big range of motion are the features of the CO2 fiber.
C-Las is an allrounder

The Micromanipulator can be adapted to almost all the microscopes of your choice.
C-Las is innovative

Fiber or articulated arm?
The desicion depends on your needs. The waveguide technology allows a very flexible application of a laser with a high mobility level. The option with an articulated arm for colposcopy and micromanipulators.







C-Las with a fiber (left)
C-Las with an articulated arm (right)
C-Las has two versions for different types of application

Simply good results

The latest technology which is represented in our Co2 laser allows a compact design. The location of the laser doesn´t matter, on the table or on the trolley, the C-Las suits in every surgery room.This design shows a strong character.
C-Las is precise

2m or 3m long waveguide
Precise cuts with the universal handpiece
The weight of just 18 kg
Fast access to all the surgery programs
Large amount of accessories
Technical data:

Laser CO2 carbon dioxide
output power *
10600 nm
Output power min. 25 watt with waveguide
min. 30 watt with articulated arm
Operating mode quasi Gauss with waveguide
Pulslength, adjustable CW and pulsed
Beam guidance flexible waveguide / articulated arm
Accessories universal handpiece/ scanner/ micromanipulator
Weight 18 kg ready-to-operate
Dimensions 491 x 478 x 200mm
Power supply 100-260 V,50/60 Hz, 10A

* on fiber end.


A Scanner of the highest functionality

The Weasel Scanner is highly precise, fast and has a function to control laser beam in already programmed models. Going this way you can organize your surgery individually and remove the histoid selectively and accurate.

The wasel scanner for stapelotomie
The weasel scanner for dermatology



Coming soon…



Flexible – Versatile – User-friendly
The Laser-System with a variable penetration depth. Apply your laser beam in 2 different wavelength or a mixture from both. This means a high grade of flexibility for you as a surgeon and maximum Comfort for your patients.

Two laser beams through one fiber
The best from two worlds
… best in coagulation
… best in cutting

Hybrid 980 + 532 nm
One Handpiece – two laser beams
High Power IR 980 is brought together with a wavelength of 532 nm
Touch-Screen for both lasers
Elegant Design
Benefit from a broad range of affordable accessories from A.R.C.

980 nm

The 980 nm wavelength offers precise cutting and protects the surrounding tissue. Postoperative pain is significantly reduced when compared to non laser procedures. Benefit from minimal or no requirement for anesthetics.

The system creates short pulses for minimal discomfort and improved patient compliance.


532 nm

532 nm is an established wavelength for a wide range of soft tissue applications. The depth of penetration is limited for increased control while providing excellent hemostasis, vaporization and cutting power. This allows a more tolerable procedure and – whenever possible – convenience for the patient.

The superficial penetration of the 532 nm wavelength minimizes complications and offers modern treatment options.
Its incorporated selective ablation avoids epithelial damage.


Exact and reliable
The FOX from the A.R.C. Laser is the only calibrateable laser worldwide. No other system has such an advantage. FOX laser is the only one which can reliably provide you with the adjusted output power.
FOX sets new standards in security.

Training videos directly on the display
Training videos can be saved on the USB stick, which is part of the standard delivery of FOX. The videos come up on the display as soon as you choose it in the menu.
FOX is innovative

Green aiming beam
The green aiming beam of FOX laser improves the alignment and the exact sighting during the treatment.
FOX gives you a better view

Touch screen
The modern color touch screen with a very simple guide: you can set and change the adjustments intuitionally.

Mobile like your assistant
The convenient battery operation allows implementing treatments everywhere and every time. You can transport the FOX in the helpful case to every place you need.
FOX means flexibility

Technical data:

Laser diode
Wavelength – Output power* 810 nm: 8 watt
940 nm: 4 watt
980 nm: 12 watt
1064 nm: 10 watt
Puls length, adjustable 0,1 ms to cw
Puls interval 0,1 ms to cw
Aiming beam green 532 nm, < 1 mW
Dimensions 142 x 163 x 174 mm
Weight 1,2 kg operational
Power supply 220 V or battery driven


Small, all-around and powerful

The Wolf – optional with 980, 1064 or 1470 nm – has a potential for very big amount of applications. The laser is designed for giving up to 18 watt output power.

Wins through qualitiy, design and art of processing.

This laser system provides the latest laser technology, which can be for example very useful at treatments with 1470 nm in endovascular surgery thanks to the latest donut fiber. The laser provides you with 18 watt in the version of 980 nm: it is ideal for surgical, orthopedic, dermatological or ENT treatments.
Wolf is innovative

Modern design
The Wolf rises over the competitors thanks to its features. We were able to reduce the dimensions and improve the handling due to using of long-lasting and reliable materials. It provides flexibility at the installation in clinics or surgery rooms.
Wolf is stackable

The best in its class
We offer advanced performance index in form, size and function on the basis of the Wolf housing. Thanks to its range of fibers from 200 to 600 µm and different handpieces, wolf allows you flexibility and versatility, which perfectly suits in every modern doctor’s office.
Wolf is space-saving

Easy in application
Color touch screen
Editable applications
Individual programming
Different fibersizes and applicators available
Plug & Play

Wolf is modern




Technical data:
WOLF 980 nm 1064 nm 1470 nm
Wavelength laser 980 nm 1064 nm 1470 nm
Display / Control color touch screen color touch screen color touch screen
Output Power (Laser) 18 W 10 W 8 W
Aiming Beam 532 nm, ajdustable 532 nm, adjustable 532 nm, adjustable
Fiber coupling A.R.C. Laser A.R.C. Laser A.R.C. Laser
Treatment mode CW, pulsed CW, pulsed CW, pulsed
Power requirements 19 V, 4,7 A 19 V, 4,7 A 19 V, 4,7 A
Dimensions 10 x 24 x 20 (cm) 10 x 24 x 20 (cm) 10 x 24 x 20 (cm)
Weight 2,8 Kg 2,8 Kg 2,8 Kg

The illustrations partially contain optional equipment which is not included in a standard delivery. Modifications in constructions and features as well wrong conclusions are subject to change.


Flexible – Versatile – User friendly
The laser with variable penetration depth. Treatments with different wavelengths mean high flexibility for the surgeon and maximal comfort for your patients.

Two wavelenghts in one fiber
Duolas 532 – 810/980 nm
One hand piece – Two waves
High Power IR 980 or 810 will allow combination with 532 nm
One Touch Screen for both lasers
Elegant Design
Use the whole range of inexpensive A.R.C. accessories



Reproductable results
The Nuvolas offers the whole 8 Watt output power on laser end. This powerful KTP laser guarantees more power than even needed to run the most diverse treatments. Nuvolas is one of the most powerful lasers for medical applications.
More power  – more possibilities

Wide application spectrum
The green laser can be applied in different fields of medicine.
Nuvolas means green

A unique technical standard
8 Watt output power on laser end
Weight is just 23 kg
Removable display control
Easy usage
Different adjustments
Different handpieces and applications
Nuvolas is user friendly

The easy click connector does not require any turning of screws after it is in place. Click in- and it fits. The fibers are attractively priced, due to the plastic connector. Fibers are available in different sizes up to 600 µm.

Technical data:

Laser wavelength 532 nm
Display / Control color touch screen
Output Power (Laser) 8 W
Aiming Beam 635 nm, adjustable
Fiber Connection A.R.C. Laser
Operating Modes CW, pulsed
Cooling forced air
Power Requirements 110 – 230 V / 50-60 Hz – 10 A
Dimensions (HxWxD) 478 x 200 x 491mm
Weight (without case) 23 Kg


Outstanding for photocoagulation
The Classic- a star under all available coagulation systems. Precision lenses and a shifted coaxial couple laser stands for a masterful performance development.

With up to 1, 5 Watt output power, a lot of several applications on the retina can be realized. The big coloured display gives a clear view even from the side.
Neutral colored eye protection filter
Hand triggering possible
Battery operation possible
LIO – Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope

The Classic – Retina Laser combined with two different slit lamps

Classic + PCL5 ZL
Classical design – illumination beam path over prism
LED or halogen illumination
Single hand operation
Compact design
In combination with Nd:YAG Laser
The Classic is compatible

Classic + PCL5 SHL
Illumination from above
Top notch optical quality
Coaxility of illumination / laser beam / monitoring optic

The Classic is modern

Technical data:
Laser KTP – 532 nm (green)
Output power 1,5 W at fiber end
Pulse length 10 ms – cw
Pulse pause 100 ms – 1.000 ms
Repeat frequency 1 to 9 Hz
Laser beam 635 nm, < 1 mW
Utility space 250 x 190 x 52 mm
Weight 3,3 kg – complete
Supply connection rechargeable battery  / 90 – 230 VAC
Laser outputs 2 fiber ports
Accessories indirect ophthalmoscope / endo probes



Precise and Reliable
The FOX from A.R.C. Laser is worldwide the only laser that can be calibrated. No other system has this advantage. Only the mobile FOX Laser offers you reliably the setted output power.
FOX sets standards in safety


Training videos directly on the display
Trainings and schooling videos can be stored onto the supplied memory stick from A.R.C. Laser. The videos are shown on the display, as soon as you select the data from the menu.
FOX is innovative

Green laser beam
The green laser of the FOX laser improves the orientation and the exact aiming during course of treatment.
FOX is easily readable

The modern color touch display with an easy user handling: changing and customizing settings intuitively.
FOX is intuitive to use

Mobile like your assistant
The comfortable battery use allows a laser treatment any time any place. With the handy transport case you can take your FOX everywhere you like.
FOX stands for flexibility

The Classic is modern

Technical data:
Laser diode
Wavelength – output power * 810 nm: 8 Watt
940 nm: 4 Watt
980 nm: 12 Watt
1064 nm: 10 Watt
Pulse length, adjustable 0,1 ms to cw
Pulse interval 0,1 ms to cw
Laser beam green 532 nm, < 1 mW
Measurements BWH 142 x 163 x 174 cm
Weight 1,2 kg operational
Power built-in rechargeable battery

* at fiber end. Please state the required wavelength in your order. Subject to technical changes.


Capsulotomy, Iridotomy
The Q-Las gives you the possibility to treat secondary cataract and the wide-angle-glaucoma. It links economy, ergonomics, and longevity in a very innovative way.

  • Outstanding focusing with the three part laser beam
  • Combination with Trabeculas / Classic
  • Laser beam and slit illumination are coaxial

Tristar focus
The superior concept

The dynamic focus from A.R.C. Laser supports you effectively. The unique Tristar Focus is trend-setting. With only just one laser spot you can calmly trigger the laser. We call that intelligent laser technology.

Combined systems
The Q-Las can be combined with the Classic retina laser and the glaucoma laser Trabeculas. Furthermore is the Q-Las Laser available with 2 different slit lamp types.

Q-Las + PCL5 ZL
With a classical YAG slit lamp
Illumination radiation channel through prism

Q-Las + PCL5 SHL
Light source at the tip of the slit projector
High end optical quality

The Classic is modern

Technical data:
Wavelength 1064 nm
Pulse length < 4 ns
Aiming beam diode red / 3 beam
Outout 0,3 – 10 mJ, smooth spot
Size diameter in the air < 10 µm
Angel, laser lens 16°
Burst mode 1 – 2 – 3 pulse, 20 µs pulse pause
Repeat frequency 2,5 5 pulses per second
Mode structur gauß
Focus shift 2 stepped – 125/250 µ – posterior
Cooling air
Input tension 230 V, 50 Hz, 3A / 110 V, 6 A

Alterations in equipment and specification, which are subjected to technical development, are put into practice automatically.



SLT – selective trabeculoplastic
The Trabeculas – The SLT is a method, which generates a significant pressure reduction through a natural way. It is comparable with a medicinal therapy, however, it is considerably more cost effective, faster and more patient-friendly.
No damage of the trabecular meshwork
No side effects
Worldwide approved treatment for the wide-angle-glaucoma

Product advantages
Combination with Nd:YAG possible
Coaxiality of slit illumination, laser and monitoring lens
The slit lamp is also usable for retina diagnosis without any optical loss

Technical data:
Wavelength 532 nm
Pulse length ~ 3 ns
Output power 0,2/0,4/0,6/0,8/0,9/1,0/1,1/1,2/1,5/2,0 mJ
Spot size 400 µm
aiming beam red diode, brightness adjustable
eye protection filter permanent
Laser cone angle 3,2°
Laser delivery through slit lamp illumination
Design fixed arm at slit projector
Weight 53 kg with slit lamp
Footprint 0.5 m2
Power requirement 230 V, 50 Hz, 3 A at 230 V








Cataract surgery with the Nano-Laser
100 % Photofragmentation
100 % no ultrasound
100 % single use hand pieces
Your most affordable choice to enter the prestigious PREMIUM laser segment.
Pulses with 4 Nanosekonds and 3 to 7 mJ per pulse will crack the nucleus.

Cataract surgery becomes 100% laser-surgery with the CETUS.

Nano-Laser Surgery means PREMIUM
Do you offer premium lenses within your portfolio?
Do you want to offer a premium service with a laser option?
Do you want to avoid the expense and time consuming effort with femto laser assisted Cataract Surgery?

The Nano-Laser can be operated with a femto laser to do the rhexis, or without the expensive femto laser. In either case, you benefit by performing full laser cataract surgery.

Easy OR Integration

The A.R.C. Nano-Laser is very compact meaning it needs only a fraction of a Femto‘s space.
The Nano-Laser is easily adapted to your Phaco Ultrasonic system by simply plugging in the cutters tubing.
Inexpensive single-use hand piece eliminates the need for cleaning, sterilization and tuning of the phaco hand piece.
Complete single-use-sets are available.
The Nano-Laser is maintenance free.

Upgrade your Phaco with a laser system as easy as 1-2-3


Nano-Laser ist gentle, safe and easy to use
Ultrasound energy has been implicated in the pathogenesis of endothelial cell loss.
This manual laser treatment creates no thermal gradient.
The laser avoids mechanical side effects caused by the oscillating phaco tip – minimum risk for a capsular rupture.
Eliminates the risk of cross contamination – Single-use hand pieces guarantee highest sterility.
LOCS P- and -C criterias can be fulfilled.

No more expensive hand pieces.
No more cross contamination.
No more need for a Femto.

Lasers attract patients

With the introduction of Lasik, laser became the number one tool in ophthalmology and patient satisfaction.
Patients have never been so highly attracted by any other means of surgery.
Patients demand laser surgery – especially in ophthalmology.
Lasers are advanced technology and contribute to a high value image of your practice.
There is no other treatment with the appeal of laser based surgery.
It’s only a small step for you to get started with PREMIUM laser surgery.



The A.R.C. Nano-Laser emulsifies the cataract with pulses that are gentle and effective.
No moving parts,
No temperature gradient
and Cataract-Laser-Surgery is yours upon request.

Inexpensive, single-use, lightweight laser hand piece eliminates the need for cleaning, sterilization and tuning of the heavy phaco hand piece.

Nano-Laser coaxial hand piece

Coaxial with two different sleeves allows small incisions of 2.2 or 2.6 mm.
Your other hand assists with your manipulator. Coaxial fluid management works the same way as conventional ultrasound phaco.

The Nano-Laser surgery benefits from an extremely little energy into the eye.


Aspiration, Irrigation and Laser through one single use hand piece



Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. N. Schrage    Cologne, Germany
PD Dr. Gangolf Sauder    Charlottenklinik Stuttgart, Germany
Dr. Wolfgang Lange    Augenklinik Prien/Chiemsee, Germany
PD Dr. Bernd Kamppeter    Maximiliansaugenklinik Bayreuth, Germany
Dr. M. Knabe & Dr. L. Blomberg    Augenzentrum Hildesheim,Germany
Dr. Amir-Mobarez Parasta    Augenzentrum Munich, Germany
PD Dr A Liekfeld    Ernst von Bergmann Klinikum Potsdam, Germany
Dr. Ahmed Galal & Dr. Bilgic    Augenarztpraxis Bremerhaven, Germany
Dr. Rheinard Lehmann    Maria Hilf Augenklinik Mönchengladbach, Germany
Prof  Dr S. Grisanti    Klinik für Augenheilkunde Lübeck, Germany
Dr. M.Schweer    Operative Augenarztpraxis Hanstedt, Germany
Prof. Dr. Wiegand    Asklepios Klinik Nord Hamburg, Germany
Dr. B. Gabler    Gemeinschaftspraxis Donauwörth, Germany

Prof. A. J. Kanellopoulos, MD,     Athens, Greece
Dr. J.C. Vryghem     Brusells, Belgium
Assoc. Prof. Ivan Tanev, MD, PhD     Sofia, Bulgaria
Prof. l. Mastropasqua,    Chieti-Pescara, Italy


Max. Energy 10mJ
Operating mode pulsed
Shot frequency up to 10Hz
Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse energy 3mJ to 10mJ
Pulse length 5ns
Control 7“ TouchScreen
Power requirements 110-240Vac, 650VA, 50 to 60Hz
Dimensions 135*478*421mm (device housing)
Weight 12kg



All our combined systems have a extrodinary good optical quality. The optical quality is not influenced by the laser coupling. Coaxiality of Laser and monitoring radiation channel are guaranted with every system.
Q-LAS + Classic + PCL5 SHL

QLas -with Trabeculas respectively
Q-LAS with Classic onto slit lamp

Our ophthalmological laser can be used together with a place saving slit lamp unit as a combined system. Here we can certainly respond to customer specific solutions.



A.R.C. Slit lamps convince with brillant looks and highest quality. Made in Germany

The PCL5 is slitlamp that is a precision instrument for reliable diagnosis  for your practice. A premium product where you can count on. High user comfort paired with brilliant stereoscopic lenses for a large depth of focus and impressing color fidelity – ideal for the posterior and anterior eye section.
The slit (high light yield) is easily adjustable with the hand
IR-& UV filters are standard
5-times magnification
Change from LED to Halogen in you practice

PCL5 SHD is diagnosis for a faire price

Technical data:

Gap width (at 180°) 0 – 8 mm continuous
Gap height 0,5 – 8 mm continuous
Circle of light fields 0.2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 mm Test mark with fixation
Gap rotation ± 90° (0-180°)
Adjustment of lighting horizontally ± 90°
Filter blue, red-free (green), gray (10%).
UV and heat filters are integrated
Lighting halogen 6 V, 20 W
0 lux bis 600,000 lux (Halogen)
optional: LED 14 V, 5 W
Eye protection filter optional
Electrical connection values 110 V – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Weight 12.7 kg
Stereo microscope
Stereo angle 10°
Adjustable eyepieces ± 8 dpt
Amplifications 6.3x / 10x / 16x / 25x / 40x
Eyepiece 12,5x
PD 52 to 78 mm
Pivoting of the microscope axis horizontal ± 30°


Gap width (at 180°) 0 – 16 mm continuous
Gap height 1 – 16 mm continuous
Circle of light fields Ø: 1 mm test brand
Gap rotation ± 90° (0-180°)
Adjustability of the
horizontally ± 90°
Filter blue, red-free (green), gray (10%).
UV and heat filters are integrated
Lighting halogen 6 V, 20 W
0 lux bis 600,000 lux (Halogen)
optional: LED 14 V, 5 W
Eye protection filter optional
Electrical connection values 110 V – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Weight 12.7 kg




EmunDo® and FOX  – 
Breakthrough in Photothermal Therapy

More than 75% of adults suffer from periodontitis (PD) and other bacterial infections of the gums or the oral cavity. Attempts to mechanically clean the bleeding gums may lead to the transfer of bacteria in the mouth into the bloodstream (bacteremia) potentially causing the bacteria to spread throughout the body.

The consequence: Unwanted bacteria may result in cerebrovascual diseases.

Due to the stress on the immune system, the risk of diseases of the arteria carotis, heart attacks, arthritis, diabetes and premature births is rising. This clearly shows that the PD bacteria is more harmful than smoking, obesity or high cholesterol levels.

Now, it is possible to reduce or totally avoid the use of antibiotics and eliminate all of the associated health risks for patients with periodontitis. Independent of antibiotic resistance, EmunDo® selectively destroys the relevant PD-Germs.

EmunDo® Therapy reaches germs  even in deep gingival pockets. Patients that undergo an extensive, repeated mechanical cleaning now have the chance to lose less root substance. Your patients will appreciate  the lower hypersensitivity.